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Programming our DISH Remote

Turn your receiver and TV on so that you are watching a channel. Along the top of the remote are 4 buttons. Press the TV button and hold it until the other three buttons at the top turn red, then let go.

Press the red power button once and let go. The TV button at the top should be lit red.

This remote has over 300 TV codes stored in it. When you press the up arrow button the remote moves to the next code and will turn off your TV if you have found the correct code. Point the remote at your TV and press the up arrow button. Press the up arrow button again and again until your TV goes off. At that point you have found the correct code.

As soon as the TV turns off press the # button. The TV now should be programmed and if you try the volume button it should work.

Press the Sat button on the remote to put the remote back into the satellite mode and you are done.

We should talk about that last step some more. The satellite remote is made to run multiple devices. You can program it to run the TV, DVR, and another devices in addition to the satellite receiver. If by chance the dog steps on the VCR button at the top of the remote, the remote will no longer operate the satellite receiver. You must press the SAT button once to put it back in the satellite mode. Any time the remote does not operate the receiver, press the SAT button once and try again. Then blame the dog!

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